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Tarot Forum

For Questions and Readings

Tarot Cards - Uses And Meanings Open Discussion
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This is a community for and about Tarot. The cards, the symbolism, the art, the meanings, the care of and questions relating to them.

Please check the archives to make sure the info you seek hasn't been asked in the last hundred entries (assuming this community gets to be that popular) that way we don't have to read the same questions over and over again. Someday someone will probably help me moderate this or make a memories list of important facts and questions.

Feel free to inquire about a reading from people who are willing and able to do so. Don't just post and say Hey someone give me a reading....specifically adress that person in a post in the community and wait for their response.

As this is a fledgling community I do ask that everyone's first post contain a link to wherever they promoted us to. You MUST promote us. If you don't have a link in your first entry you will be banned. Sorry but until there are at least a good hundred members that's the rule.

Your moderator is Ladytragedy.

This page is subject to frequent change so check back.

Here's a banner...if you come up with a better one...feel free to post it in the community for use if you don't mind.
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